Web Content Filtering

Content FilteringHow do you manage your employees’ access to the Internet?

Growing employee use of the Internet at work; every hour wasted impacts both the top line and the bottom line. On average, 24 percent of the time employees spend accessing the internet at work is non work-related.

Do you have an existing Web filtering solution? Would you like to stop employees from wasting time or slowing down the network with inappropriate web browsing? Organizations continue to invest in IT infrastructure as a means to improve business productivity and efficiency. Managing and securing this IT infrastructure has become more challenging as Internet content becomes more rich and dynamic and web-based threats become more sophisticated and deceptive.

MBC Solutions, LLC offers Enterprise-quality Web filtering coupled with small investment. Increase productivity and reduce IT expenses by setting flexible Internet use policies based on users/groups defined in Active Directory, including filtering for productivity and bandwidth-draining Web sites and protocols.